Privacy Policy

Duck & Sail Oy (later Duck & Sail) collects personal information from its customers (later "you") and mailing list recipients (later "you"). Duck & Sail is committed to processing the information in accordance with personal data protection laws.

The legal basis for processing the data is customer's consent, that is, your consent. Consent is a prerequisite for our ability to provide our services to you.

In which registers do we keep your data?

A) Customer register

We need your personal information (first and last name, street address, postcode, municipality) so that we can deliver the products you have ordered from our online store. We also need your contact information (e-mail address and telephone number) to be in touch with you on matters related to delivery. We will send messages related to the status of your order to the email. The transport companies we use may need your phone number to agree on a possible home delivery or to provide a pick-up point. In the event of delivery uncertainties, we may be contacting you via email or telephone. We also use WhatsApp to communicate with you if you have provided us with your phone number. In addition to the above, when you sign up for our online store, you create a password for your system that is only yours. Your username is your email address.

Our e-commerce system also stores your order history, product return request, and payment information. We need this information for our accounting and keep this information for at least ten years.

Your subscription history data, combined with your demographic information (such as your city of residence based on your postal address) will help us know you as a customer and will hopefully target you with interesting advertising and / or offers. We handle and combine your data because we really want to develop and grow our business and serve you better.

In our offers we will contact you by email if you have joined our mailing list, via Facebook if you follow our site or we will sometimes send you offers to your delivery address as a letter or phone number as a text message or via WhatsApp.

Our e-commerce system stores information related to the use of the system (e.g. the date and time of registration in the system, the time of adding and removing a payment card, the device information from the phone or the computer, the device ID and the IP address). Most of the information about using the system is only temporarily stored.

From registered customers, our e-commerce system collects and stores your IP address and login dates. This information is stored for the time being. The purpose of collecting information is to understand how much you use our services. Based on the IP address, we may also limit customers who commit fraud and / or harm our services.

By registering as a customer, you consent to the use of your personal data by Duck & Sail Oy and your consent to us to contact you in the manner specified in this Privacy Policy.

B) Email List aka Newsletter

If you are already a registered customer and have joined our mailing list, we already have the information listed under Customer Register. In this case, we may also send you targeted advertising in accordance with your customer profile.

If you join our mailing list but have not yet registered as our customer, we will store your e-mail address in our e-commerce and e-mail systems.

We use your email address to periodically send you up-to-date news and ads for our online store. Hope you find these interesting for you.

You can easily get out of the email list by entering your email address in the email field of our Newsletter section. If you were on the mailing list then the system will ask you if you want to leave the list. By answering Yes, your address will be removed from our email list and we will no longer send you news and advertising.

By joining our mailing list, you give Duck & Sail Oy your consent to send you news and advertisements via email.

Where do we get your information?

Duck & Sail gets your information when you register and use our online store and / or join our mailing list.

Who gets possession or can view your information?

1) Duck & Sail Oy personnel

  • for administrative and administrative purposes
  • for marketing, advertising and information purposes
  • for customer service purposes
  • for business and business development purposes
2) Third parties, for the following purposes

  • the information is passed on to our suppliers so that they can deliver the products directly to you
  • the information is passed on to the transport companies that transport the products to you
  • the information is accessible to companies responsible for maintaining and developing our e-commerce system
  • Stripe Payments Europe Limited (Ireland) deals with your credit card information for managing transactions made at our online store. For more information on the privacy of data processed by Stripe, see the Stripe Privacy Policy (
  • the information is provided to the authorities on the basis of requests for information based on local legislation
  • the information is passed on to the insurance company for handling claims for damages

Personal data are not transferred outside the EU or the European Economic Area.

Principles of Registry Security?

We at Duck & Sail Oy employ technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, transfer, deletion or other processing that may compromise your privacy. The Customer Registry is kept in electronic form. The use of the Customer Registry, modification and processing of the data takes place only through user authentication through a secure system. The use of the Customer Registry is restricted to designated persons responsible for the maintenance and management of the system. The Customer Registry information is protected from external use and the use of the Customer Registry is monitored.

Data retention time?

We will keep your information, including your personal information, until you request us to remove your online username and / or personal information.

Information about your order history, your product return request, and your payment information is required for our financial bookkeeping records and we keep this information for at least ten years from the date of the transaction.

Data subject's, i.e. your rights?

  • Access to information;
    You have the right to check your information in our online store. To check your information, sign in to our online store

  • Right to request correction of incorrect information;
    You have the right to request the correction of inaccurate or incorrect information. To correct incorrect information, log in to our online store. If incorrect information cannot be corrected in our online store, you should contact Duck & Sail Oy.

  • Right to request deletion of data;
    You have the right to request that your personal data be removed from the customer register ("the right to be forgotten"). All data cannot be deleted if you still want to remain as a registered client. Upon request, Duck & Sail Oy will endeavor to remove the information without undue delay, unless there is a statutory reason for refusal.

  • Right to restrict and object to data processing;
    You have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data. Once you have made a request, Duck & Sail may no longer process your personal information unless there is a legitimate reason for the processing. Restricting processing may limit your ability to use our services or prevent the use of services.

    You have the right at any time to refuse all direct marketing, including profiling for direct marketing by contacting us by email.

    Easily get out of our mailing list by entering your email address in the e-mail section of our e-mail newsletter section and answering "Yes" to the address removal question.

  • The right to transfer data from one system to another;
    You have the right to receive your personal information in a structured and commonly used form where you can transfer the data to another registrar.

  • Right to complain;
    If you believe that your privacy has been compromised, you may file a complaint with the authority in the EU Member State where you reside. More detailed information on national data protection authorities can be found at:

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